The Lexverse Conference, hosted by Michalsons, aims to provide a platform for insightful discussions on regulating technology to shape a desirable future. The conference focuses on digital, data, and technology law, bringing together global thought leaders and innovators to share their perspectives on emerging technologies like AI, the metaverse, blockchain, and virtual reality, and their potential regulations.

Rueko Studio was tasked with designing a logo that would capture the essence of innovation, legal expertise, and forward-thinking, reflecting the conference’s theme of exploring the legal universe of digital, data, and technology – the lexverse. The objective was to create a visually compelling logo that would serve as a memorable visual identity for the Lexverse Conferences.

To achieve the project objective, we collaborated closely with Michalsons to understand the conference’s vision and values. The design team conducted research on the conference’s theme and target audience to inform their creative process. They explored various concepts and design elements to symbolise the fusion of technology and law, aiming to create a logo that would resonate with attendees and reflect the conference’s innovative spirit and location.

The Pictorial Mark


Word Mark

The final logo design for the Lexverse Conference embodies the conference’s theme and values. The logo symbolises the intersection of technology and law, representing the conference’s goal of understanding the business opportunities and challenges posed by emerging technologies. The design is visually striking and memorable, making it a strong visual identity for the conference.

Combination Mark

The logo design has contributed to creating a cohesive and professional brand image for the Lexverse Conference. It has helped to generate excitement and interest among potential attendees, sponsors, and speakers, highlighting the conference’s commitment to innovation and thought leadership in the field of digital, data, and technology law.