City Sightseeing South Africa


City Sightseeing South Africa (CSS SA) is an open-top tour bus operator and member of the City Sightseeing Worldwide hop-on, hop-off network, which operates in more than 90 destinations globally. CSS SA (commonly known as the Red Bus), has their operations in Cape Town and Johannesburg, with various tour guide partners in Hout Bay, Langa, Gugulethu and Soweto.

CSS SA is all about exploring and experiencing South Africa’s two major cities and making memories with family, friends and people you meet along the way, while you hop-off and hop-off the red bus with ease.

We took on CSS SA’s Social Media accounts with the intention of increasing its online community, creating experience-focused content, engaging with customers and responding to queries. We oversaw the following Social Media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter x2
  • YouTube

Facebook Page

In the first three months of taking over City Sightseeing’s social media accounts, working around the concept of “Experiencing Cape Town & Johannesburg (and its various top attractions) on the #RedBusSA”, they had an increase of 18.9% Facebook Fans. The positive percentage allowed for an overwhelming amount of engagement through reactions, comments and shares. Their Facebook Engagement increased by 266.2%. They also reached an upwards trajectory of 412.0% in Community Management, 611% increase in Posts Published (185 Posts over 3-months) and a 324.7% increase in Impressions (2,328,878 Impressions)

Twitter Page

During the same period, their Twitter account saw an increase of 49.9% in Tweets Published (130 Tweets Published over 3-months) and a 30.9% increase in Engagement. They had an increase of 350% for Community Management and a 51.8% increase in Organic Hashtag Interaction.

Instagram Page

Over the first three months of taking over their Instagram account, their Instagram Followers increased by 15.8%, and their Engagement increased by 705.9%. Their Organic Hashtag Interaction increased by as much as 2,583.2%, proving that using relevant and engaging hashtags plays a crucial part in growing your accounts. We planned a 3-month-long posting schedule for them every quarter and provided ad hoc posting support. We also managed their Facebook Ads, provided Graphic Design and Photography assistance for social media content and attended events for live posting.