African Essentials


African Essentials is a cosmetics business dedicated to promoting natural skincare solutions tailored for diverse African skin types. They approached Rueko Studio seeking a distinctive logo that would embody their commitment to nurturing and protecting African skin, inspired by the richness of Africa’s natural resources.

In addition to the logo, we were also tasked with designing the packaging for African Essentials’ skincare products, which needed to be functional and environmentally friendly, aligning with the brand’s values of sustainability and natural beauty.

Logo Design

The objective was to create a logo that visually represents African Essentials’ core values and resonates with their target audience. The logo needed to convey a sense of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and modernity, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

Pictorial Mark


We took a holistic approach, drawing inspiration from African art, culture, and the vibrant colours of the continent. The team explored various design elements, such as traditional patterns, organic shapes, and earthy tones, to create a logo that felt authentic and evocative of African beauty.

Combination Mark

The final logo for African Essentials is a harmonious blend of modern design and African heritage. It features a stylised representation of the Knobkerrie, a form of wooden club, used mainly in Southern Africa and Eastern Africa, symbolising the brand’s roots and connection to the land. The choice of colours reflects the founders vibrant heritage and the natural ingredients used in African Essentials’ skincare products.

Combination Mark Stacked

Packaging Design

The objective was to create packaging that not only protects the integrity of the products but also enhances the overall customer experience. The packaging needed to convey the premium quality of African Essentials’ skincare products while minimising its environmental impact.

The final packaging design for African Essentials is a testament to the brand’s commitment to sustainability and quality. The use of recycled materials, vibrant colours according to the ingredients in each product, and minimalist design elements creates a packaging that is both visually appealing and environmentally conscious.

The new logo and packaging design have helped African Essentials strengthen its brand identity and stand out in a competitive market. The cohesive branding has resonated with customers, reinforcing the brand’s values and commitment to natural skincare solutions for African skin.