Inkatha Freedom Party Social Media Marketing

Who is the Inkatha Freedom Party?

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) is a political party in South Africa with the fourth largest support nationally and the fourth largest party in the National Assembly of South Africa. The party was founded by Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi in 1975, and since 1983, the party has participated in the constitutional debate with very detailed policies and proposals.

The IFP contested the 2019 Provincial and National Government Elections and needed social media support in the form of Facebook Ads and Social Media accounts growth, as well as ad hoc posting.

The Challenge

Being one of South Africa’s oldest political parties with a majority following in rural areas, the IFP has always stuck to the same election campaign methods over the years. Their biggest challenge was adapting to the digital age and keeping up with the new South African voter and potential follower, who were becoming younger and tech-savvy.

Taking their election campaign online for the 2019 Provincial and National Government Elections through social media ads was their first step towards this. We had the opportunity to take what they had prepared through their conventional methods and bring this to a new audience online using attractive imagery and messaging.

The Campaign Strategy

Our campaign strategy focused on younger voters who were more interested to know what could be done for them and why they should “trust” a political party such as the IFP.

We developed the slogan “I AM FOR PEOPLE” that we used alongside the IFP’s election slogan “TRUST US”.

We then identified the main things young voters are concerned about from the IFP’s 2019 National Elections Manifesto and built up an audience profile based on age, locations, target keywords, interests and gender-based on each theme selected from the manifesto.

Campaign Schedule & Approach

We developed a campaign schedule that focused on our strategy and identified ideal days to run each manifesto theme, the time during this day and the duration for which the campaign ads will run. We also created copy and imagery for each ad. In total, we had 10 ads in the Facebook Business Manager and scheduled each one for a different day over the course of 5 weeks leading up to the election day.

Return on investment (ROI)

We continued to monitor each ad and evaluate the ROI. Revisions were constantly created to each ad to ensure maximum ROI. All the ads in the campaign reached over 994,872 people across 5 provinces and the links were clicked over 16,326 times. The campaign ads received over 2,01 million impressions. They also assisted with an increase in following on the Facebook page, with Facebook Fans increasing from 2862 to 3980 people over the period, which was a 39.06% increase in followers.

We provided the party with daily and weekly reports and a full report and debriefing after the National Elections. Our efforts on the digital campaign assist the party in gaining more votes than they received in the previous elections and thus giving them an extra 4 National Assembly seats in Parliament.

Twitter & Instagram

We also assisted the IFP with the growth of their Twitter and Instagram accounts. We used various methods and the profiles of key party members, their Twitter account grew from 3874 Followers to 4247 Followers. That’s an increase of 9.63%.

The Instagram Account for the Inkatha Freedom Party was created from scratch and started with 0 followers. The Facebook Ads, which were crossed over to Instagram also assisted with getting followers to the account and at the end of the period, the account had around 409 Followers.

Facebook Frames

To assist with brand awareness to the run-up of the May elections, we created Facebook Frames, which allowed followers and potential new supporters to show their support and backing for the party by placing the frame over their Facebook Profile Photo temporarily or permanently. The frames also acted as a marketing tool. When a supporter added the frame to their profile, their Facebook friends would see it, creating curiosity.

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