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Have you ever wondered why Netflix has such a great streaming experience? It all comes down to A/B Testing.

Now you’re probably wondering, well what is that? Have you noticed that Netflix keeps showing you different covers from the same movie? At one point, the image grabs your attention & you start watching the movie. That’s the complex system Netflix uses called A/B Testing.

Netflix did an experiment back in 2013 to see if they can create a few artwork variants that increase the audience for a title. Here is the result:

1. They created an experiment with 3 groups. Each group was designed to a cell on Netflix.

2. Each group saw different experiments.

3. Netflix tracked each group response and the best performing cell becomes the new control experience.

Netflix was able to increase member retention & streaming hours by experimenting with ideas & improving the content they showed to their users.

A/B Testing is an effective way to identify what matters most to your users based on their own actions, instead of their words, and this strategy can also be used across your social media channels to identify what matters most to your customers based on what draws their attention, allowing you to grow your community.

If you want us to help you with implementing A/B Testing on your Facebook Page, contact us here or send us a message on WhatsApp and we’ll get back to you.