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Access to safe abortion services is crucial for all women. Unfortunately, South Africa is still plagued by illegal operators who sell unsafe abortion pills to women on the streets, evidenced by the numerous abortion posters that clutter our neighbourhoods.

To combat this issue, Marie Stopes South Africa has taken a bold step by making abortion pills available to women for FREE. They offer the abortion pills at no cost, along with a paid-for professional nurse consultation and ultrasound, free pain medication, and essential post-abortion aftercare. In the rare instance where the abortion pills process fails, Marie Stopes will provide the necessary additional services for free.

Protect Your Health and Safety: Reject Illegal Abortion Pills

Illegal street vendors often sell the abortion pill at exorbitant prices to women seeking to terminate unplanned pregnancies. However, obtaining medication from unqualified street vendors without proper consultation and aftercare can lead to serious health complications. Marie Stopes strongly advise against purchasing abortion pills from illegal providers due to safety concerns, lack of quality control, and legal issues. These illegal providers operate in unregulated conditions and are unqualified to handle complications and severe health risks, including:

  • The abortion pills not effectively terminating the pregnancy;
  • Retained pregnancy tissue in the uterus;
  • Blood clots in the uterus;
  • Excessive or prolonged bleeding;
  • Serious infection.

Free Abortion Pills and Safe Abortion Care

To combat the dangers posed by illegal abortion providers, Marie Stopes South Africa is offering free abortion pills at their Ghandi Square, East London, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, and Durban clinics. This initiative aims to provide women with a guaranteed safe abortion service at an affordable price, ensuring they receive care from qualified nurses who provide ultrasounds, pain management, and post-abortion care.

Booking a consultation and receiving professional medical care from Marie Stopes is simple:

  • Call their toll-free number: 0800 117 785
  • Book a consultation at one of the following Marie Stopes centres: Ghandi Square, East London, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, or Durban.

Important Information

Illegal providers:

  • Sell abortion pills on the street for around R1,500 with no nurse consultation, ultrasound, aftercare, pain medication, pregnancy test kits, or guarantee.

Marie Stopes Gandhi Clinic, Marie Stopes East London, Marie Stopes Port Elizabeth, Marie Stopes Pretoria, and Marie Stopes Durban Clinics:

  • Offer free abortion pills;
  • Provide free aftercare;
  • Supply free pain medication;
  • Guarantee service.

With this campaign,ย  you’ll only need to pay for the professional nurse consultation, pregnancy confirmation, and ultrasound. Do not compromise your health by seeking assistance from illegal providers.

*Please note that this campaign has ended*