We're an independent Digital Marketing Studio based in Cape Town, South Africa.


Rueko Studio (Pty) Ltd, founded on 1 May 2020, is an independent digital marketing studio based in Cape Town, with a collaborative-network of creatives from across South Africa and Mauritius, focusing on a selection of print and digital marketing solutions for small to medium businesses and established brands.

Through a process of research, cognition and strategic thinking, we can find potential, differentiate and engage audiences and help transform brands and businesses through carefully crafted design and strategic execution.

Our role is to act as an extension of your business, to meet your marketing needs professionally and effectively. We believe in the power of effective and practical design; Ideas that shift perception, visuals that persuade buying behaviour and execution that influence the way we think and feel.

Our team’s expertise range from branding, graphic design, social media marketing and web design to simulcasting, photography, videography and content development.

Günther Kriel

Founder & Managing Director

With the accumulated experience of over 8 years in the Education, Tech, Design and Social Media fields, Günther Kriel has a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry.

He saw an opportunity to start something different and established Rueko Studio (Pty) Ltd a month after South Africa began its hard lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19.

With a group of the highly skilled professionals in his black book, he created a hybrid team located across South Africa and Mauritius to join him on a new journey to provide businesses and brands with something more than just a marketing service, but a digital home.

Yaseen Carelse - Head of Media and Communications

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) has a long-standing and good working relationship with Mr Kriel following sterling work delivered during the 2019 National and Provincial Election cycle of which the services for digital marketing, advertising, design and social media assistance was required.

Our success by increasing our social media presence and online footprint can be ascribed to the work conducted by Rueko Studio, timeously delivered and the vibrant ideas produced by Mr Kriel and his team in conjunction with our media and communications team, nationally and provincially.

We would highly recommend the services of Mr Kriel and that of his digital marketing studio, Rueko Studio.